All Halton Youth Leadership Symposium workshops are led by students for students. These interactive sessions have been carefully designed to provide the most relevant and valuable information, skills and ideas to conference attendees. All workshops are led by experienced, friendly, and passionate young leaders.

  1. High School Survival Guide: A panel of successful high school students from a variety of schools and programs offer their best answers and advice. 
  2. Public Speaking: Learn to boost your confidence, prepare presentations for any occasion, and improvise on the spot! Plus a Q&A with a Team Canada debater...
  3. Equity and Diversity: Learn how to respect differences and create a compassionate environment among your peers.
  4. World Issues: An open space for discussion about issues ranging from politics to feminism!
  5. Financial Literacy: Budgeting and financial know-how matter in high school. This workshop is an interactive introduction to basic financial literacy principals.